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Canoe Paddles

Harborside Cycle & Sport Hand Crafted 5 Degree Bent Paddle
52 inches / 132cm Shaft, Elm and Basswood Blade, Black Walnut, Basswood and Cherry Grip, Accented with Cherry Best for slow moving rivers
Harborside Cycle & Sport Hand Crafted Curvy / Bent Paddle
54 inches / 137 cm Laminated Walnut and Basswood shaft and grip Blade, Black Walnut and Cedar Best for more power on flat water
Harborside Cycle & Sport Straight Hand Crafted Canoe Paddle
54 inches / 137cm long Black Walnut and Bass Wood Shaft, Bass Wood and Cherry Blade, Spalted Maple Handle Best for fast moving rivers - Easy steering Basswood Shaft, Spalted Maple and Black Walnut Blade Spalted Maple Grip
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